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New CCCC Head Start Architect Drawing

Cankdeska Cikana Community College became the Head Start grantee on January 1, 2014. The CCCC Head Start and Early Head Start program is a comprehensive center based early childhood education program provided to children from birth through age five. The program focuses on the individual learning styles of children with literacy, language development, arts, communication, science, math, physical health, social skills and the Dakota culture. The Early Head Start program also provided services to 20 pregnant women through home visitation.
Cankdeska Cikana Community College with Spirit Lake Tribal Council and community support will open a new facility in 2017 to serve 184 children. In 2016 the program had no findings in a federal review for ERSEA and Fiscal Federal Review Report.

In August 2015, the program teaching staff began documenting childrens educational data in Teaching Strategies Gold data system. The child data scores reflect progress in the areas of Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy and Mathematics. The classroom staff receive ongoing training in each area and implement lesson plans and activities that introduce and reinforce these concepts and skills to your child.
Please refer to the graphs below for the initial program data scores for Fall 2015 by age group and compare with the May 2016 child scores. In 2015, forty-six Head Start Age 3-5 children, sixty Age 0-3 Early Head Start children and twenty pregnant moms were served.

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